will.i.am And Pharrell Are Playing Tag With Lawsuits


    will.i.am and Pharrell are going back and forth filing lawsuits against each other in what's become a messy trademark battle between the two artists. will.i.am has contended for months now that Pharrell's "i am OTHER" brand is a copyright infringement on the Black Eyed Peas frontman's i.am+ trademark. 

    Not only that, but will.i.am is calling out Pharrell's reputation as a copy cat just to make his case. Remember, Marvin Gaye's family was thinking about suing Pharrell and Robin Thicke because of "Blurred Lines" similarities to "Got To Give It Up."

    Now is just as good a time as any to point out that both of these guys are absolute cornballs for this. The monikers aren't the same, and even if they were, this would still be corn. Both guys are named William or Williams, but no one's mixing up the two. Get a grip, folk.