Who Are The Mystery Teams Involved In Houston’s 3-Team Omer Asik Trade?


In recent days signs have begun emerging up that the Houston Rockets will finally trade center Omer Asik. Last week, general manager Daryl Morey set a December 19 deadline for all trades related to Asik. Speculation is rampant that he's found a deal to pull the trigger on, but is looking for a team to provide an alternative offer and sweeten the pot before that date.

Asik isn’t a sexy name among casual NBA fans, but he’s got a cult following among analytic junkies and in front offices around the league because of his offensive rebounding and defensive presence. Asik originally asked for a trade after Dwight Howard’s acquisition, however, the Rockets attempted to make the combo work together by pairing them together in the post in the first eight games.

It failed miserably with them both clogging the lane. The offense has been much more efficient with Terrence Jones as the stretch-4 beside Howard.

The team that Houston appears to have a deal in place with is…

Philly’s deal would likely jettison Thaddeus Young out of the City of Brother Love to the mystery tertiary squad or send Spencer Hawes to Houston. Rumor is that the Boston Celtics are the third team and that Jeff Green or Brandon Bass are their bait.