We Can Now Talk On Our Watches Thanks To Samsung


    For years, Apple was the big kid on campus, ruling over the tech industry with an take no prisoners approach. They had the best people, with the best ideas and created the best products.  You’d be hard pressed to find many people who haven’t spent money on an Apple product over the last ten years.

    But all kingdoms fall eventually.

    Samsung has been fighting back with ferocity lately, earning praise and market share with products like the Galaxy S III and IV. They’re recalibrated things to a enough of a degree that it’s no longer a shock when they get the jump on a better product.  Now though, they’re really onto something. Remember in all of those spy and sci-fi movies where people communicated via their watches? Well, Samsung is making that a reality with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

    From TechCrunch:

    The Galaxy Gear watch seems to hit most checkboxes. The watch’s design is fashion-forward without being completely nerdy. It’s available in a wide range of colors. And it packs a good amount of tech including a camera into a modest-sized frame. The screen is attractive. It’s open to applications and there’s even a camera in the wrist band, because why not. And you can actually take calls on the thing by holding it up to your ear.