VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins Is Droppin’ More ‘Bows Than Buckets These Days


DeMarcus Cousins could be a weapon of mass destruction on the hardwood. Unfortunately, his penchant for self destructing has prevented him from being perceived as anything more than a poster boy for anger management. In his defense, losing may be compounding his temper issues. After all, he avoided any incidents throughout his entire freshman season at Kentucky. Unfortunately, every week there's another story of Cousins sullying his reputation. His previous outbursts have been well-documented. Earlier this season he punched OJ Mayo in the nuts and bolts. On Sunday night, Cousins threw a sharp elbow at Mike Dunleavy's head. At least now, he's aiming higher.  Keith Smart must have a plethora of bruises on his face from the multitude of times he slaps himself in the face on a regular basis. Facepalm.