The Night Campus Police Were Disguised as the NCAA


Just when you thought that the NCAA wouldn’t get any lower, they now prevent athletes from throwing birthday parties with a cover charge. According to the The Big Lead, the latest victim is Oregon WR Josh Huff.

From The Big Lead:

Oregon WR Josh Huff spent $1,500 planning a birthday party for himself: lavish but not exactly Junker level. He tried to charge a cover fee to help recover some of the costs. According to Huff, the NCAA (or Oregon’s compliance office) caught wind of the party and shut it down. Thou shalt not be the toast of the town, unless it is at an NCAA-sanctioned event where bowl executives can siphon university revenue.

This is beyond ridiculous. The NCAA can make money off players, but the players can’t throw parties of their own and charge people for admission. The NCAA has to do something to compensate these players. If they don’t want to compensate them directly, then why can't they make money of their own? It’s not fair at all.