The Houston Texans Cut Three Players For Smoking Weed In Team Hotel


The banged-up Houston Texans were down three other players during their Sunday night loss to the Kansas City Chiefs after Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood and Willie Jefferson received the pink slip for smoking green in the hotel room.

To be slightly more specific, it was the team hotel room in Kansas City. 

Now if there's anything an experienced smoker knows — and I'm assuming these two are, (Montgomery's story is that he walked in on the two of them smoking cigars, though that probably isn't a violation of team rules) since they either had weed on the bus or bought in locally (smooth) — no matter what, it smells. 

There are shower techniques, window techniques, wet towels and more, but you're pretty much only clear if you have a vaporizer. Maybe they banked on nobody talking, since, let’s face it, WHO CARES? 

Obviously they were wrong, confused by KC's logo, severely geographically challenged or very impatient, as they don't face the Denver Broncos until December 22. Well, they would if they were still on the team. So much for that Christmas present.

Anyway, now that they're free, I'd advise moving to Uruguay. They're selling weed for $1 per gram to drive all the criminals out of business. Who'da thought?