The $180 Million Dollar Fraud


As it turns out, the $180 million offer sneaker-deal offer for Andrew Wiggins is a fraud.

From Pro Basketball Talk :

That report had multiple sources saying roughly the same thing — that Adidas was targeting Wiggins and was willing to back up the Brinks truck — but a spokesperson from Adidas reached out to PBT to say that there is “fraudulent letter going around claiming to be from adidas offering Wiggins a contract.” They think the $180 figure came from that letter and said there is no such offer.

They added that aside that they cannot and would not further comment on college underclassmen.

The original report did not reference any letter or say there was an offer. The reporter is respected, connected and said told PBT he had two independent sources who made no mention of a memo.

It’s amazing that the sneaker bidding war has taken this turn and Wiggins hasn’t played a game yet, but we're not completely sold on the fraud. How many times do these big companies leak information to the public to gague the reaction? Or to scare away competition? Yeah, maybe it was some cook looking for a laugh, but it would be a surprise if Wiggins didn't end up with around $180 mil in his pocket next year.