Rajon Rondo May Have His Future Plans Set 


It looks like Rajon Rondo has his future plans set according to a recent article in Pro Basketball Talk. Rondo credits the advice Doc Rivers gave him during last season.

From Pro Basketball Talk :

Right how he’s trying. Sidelined while recovering from ACL surgery (there is no timetable for his return) he’s trying to help out a little with advice and coaching of his teammates — he’s been in rookie Phil Pressey’s ear for one, but there are others. Rondo is the veteran, experienced leader of these Boston Celtics, and he wants to fit into that role even while he can’t lace them up.

“I still catch myself laughing at some of the things he’s told certain guys, and now I find myself quoting some of the things that Doc has said to individual guys,” Rondo said. “I’ve learned a lot from Doc. I’ve tried to study his ways as far as coaching, because I might want to coach someday myself.

It’s clear that Rajon Rondo’s experience as the floor general for the Boston Celtics has really helped him in understaning the game, and becoming a coach one day is the logical next step. Rondo has already shown that he is capable, by being a mentor to the younger players on his team. Being the leader on this young Celtics team and dealing with the challenges ahead will definitely prepare him for the future.