Pump Your Brakes On The Geno Smith Worship


Geno’s Steaks. Geno Auriemma. Geno Atkins.

They’re all great, but none of them are under the same scrutiny as Geno Smith. In the first half, the reaction towards Smith was overwhelmingly negative. Naturally, with that scrutiny comes an equal overreaction. After Nick Folk’s kick sailed through the uprights, Geno Smith threw his hands up in the air on the sidelines and soaked in the adulation. 

The hyperbole after Smith led the Jets on a game-winning drive in his debut has been out of control. Smith might have enough momentum to swing the mayoral primary race in New York on Tuesday.

From the social media reaction and the roars from the MetLife Stadium crowd, you would have forgotten about how inept Genius Smith looked in the first few quarters. fortunately, Ed Hochuli ignored him calling a timeout at the two-minute warning.

Jets fans will enjoy this win as they should. The Bucs defensive secondary has vastly improved since last season when they surrendered yards at a prolific pace.

In the first half, Smith coughed up a pick and a fumble. Ultimately, the Jets defense held serve and finished with 256 yards and a touchdown. Smith had to throw with a running game led by Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory that only produced 90 yards on 29 carries against last season’s top running defense. It was Geno’s legs that ultimately saved the day for the Jets.

Trying to gain yardage, Smith tiptoed along the sidelines and was shoved by Bucs linebacker Levonte David after he had run out of bounds The ensuing 15-yard penalty put the Jets in position for a game-winning field goal.

lavonte david 1 late hit

His precision passing on New York’s final drive inspired optimism in the minds of pessimistic Jets fans that their future will be brighter with Smith as their quarterback.

Rex Ryan is probably ready to get Geno Smith’s name tattooed on his arm and the keys to his new Mercedes from Jay-Z is probably in the mail. However, there will be some growing pains ahead. Uneven performances can sink a season and a career quickly.

Look no futher than Josh Freeman. The fifth-year quarterback quarterback puts up big numbers, but he struggles with his decison-making and may be on the way out the door if he doesn't stop overthrowing receivers by ten yards and dropping passes into the waiting arms of safeties. Smith has had his share of poor throws. An unjaded Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez also began their Jets careers with promise. Mark Sanchez was 18-for-31 for 272 yards in his debut four years ago.

Smith can’t expect his defense to force two turnovers and keep opposing teams under 16 points every afternoon. Smith promised a playoff berth in the preseason and if  Sanchez has a partially torn labrum, the task may fall onto his young shoulders permanently. 

Franchise quarterbacks are models of consistency. Smith can't rest on his laurels and Jets fans shouldn't buy too much stock in Smith this early. Smith has to earn it. Sunday was just a start.