NFL QB Crisis: So Bad Even Tebow Is Rumored To Return


We've seen seven weeks of NFL football this season, enough time to for eight quarterbacks to go down with an injury.

Blaine Gabbert tore his hammy, Brian Hoyer and Sam Bradford suffered ACL tears, Jay Cutler tore his groin, Christian Ponder broke a rib, Mike Vick and EJ Manuel suffered leg injuries, and Nick Foles is out with a concussion.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, pickings are slim at the quarterback position, but they hope Vick will be able to run when the weekend rolls around (though if he can't, he'll probably see the field anyway). For everyone else, the next few weeks or the rest of the season become exercises in patience, middling expectations and hoping for a forgiving fanbase. 

The worst case scenario? Signing Tim Tebow to ride out the bad times. He was rumored to draw the attention of the St. Louis Rams, though that appears unlikely. Still, if there's a team out there who needs a boost in fan support for the rest of the season and will really get Tebow involved in the offense, it might work out in the short term — especially a team that is reduced to it's poor mascot making and losing bets every week for attention.

Jacksonville, still lookin' at you here.