Mike Tyson Barred From Entering U.K.


While you'll never catch us feeling sorry for a former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson's recent plight is a bit of a bummer for folks who believe in the old adage of forgive and forget. Tyson had to scrap his book tour in London yesterday after being informed that he could not enter Great Britain because his prior rape conviction has caused him to be barred from entering the country.  HarperCollins, publisher of Tyson's memoir "Undisputed Truth," released a statement confessing that they were unaware of recent changes in the immigration laws of the United Kingdom and that Iron Mike had to be rerouted to Paris.

Under the new law, anyone sentenced to more than four years in prison is barred from entering the country. Mike served three years out of a six-year sentence in the 90s for raping a beauty contestant, despite denying the charges. Tyson has been convicted of assault and cocaine possession as well. On second thought, perhaps the Brits' new law isn't a bad idea after all.  Mike Tyson appears to be a reformed guy, but what about those other dudes that might slip into their country? As Mike would probably tell you himself, you win some and you lose some.