Mack Brown Is Hyping Up Texas, But He Needs More People


It's three years and counting now with the Texas Longhorns football program looking like a shell of itself. Texas is 22-16 over the past three seasons since losing to Alabama in the national championship game. It's been somewhat of a nightmare ever since. 

But Mack Brown recently told USA Today that he believes Texas "is back" where it needs to be to compete on the national scene.

“People have higher expectations of this program,” Brown said. “It’s just the standard. We go from 12-1 to 5-7. You can’t do that, and I did it. But I looked really, really hard and talked to people I trust and made a lot of changes and said, ‘I’m going full-speed ahead.’”

Most importantly, the Longhorns have had the brakes beaten off of them in the Red River Rivalry against Oklahoma the past two seasons. That's something that will absolutely have to change, because there is zero tolerance for being consistently inferior to the Sooners. Texas wasn't even picked to be the best Big 12 team in the state this season, with TCU ahead of the Longhorns in the preseason media poll – Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are ahead of both to lead the conference. 

Y'all have work to do, Mack.