Lovie Smith May Draw Interest From Texans, Bucs, Vikings And Lions


Lovie Smith has spent the 2013 NFL season much differently than he has any in the last three decades. For the first time in 33 years, he's not a coach at the college football or NFL level.

Although he was wasn't hired to fill any openings this offseason , he's becoming a hot commodity again as several head coaches around the league sit on the hot seat.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, Andy Reid's success is leading to a resurgence in Smith's coaching stock. Tampa Bay may be the team most likely to seek his services, but they're not the most talented one in the market for his services.

Smith, who coached linebackers in Tampa under Tony Dungy before becoming the defensive coordinator in St. Louis, would become an obvious choice to stabilize a currently rudderless Buccaneers franchise.  But Smith also could draw significant interest from teams like the Vikings (if they make a change), the Lions (if they make a change), and the Texans (if they make a change . . . why did I keep typing that when I could have just pasted it?).

As owners begin to put together their private wish lists for 2014, Reid’s success in Kansas City will make fired former coaches with a track record of winning games more attractive.  And that could put Smith in position to choose from among multiple jobs.