Louisiana HS Football Team WikiLeaked Opponent’s Playbook, But Kept It For Themselves


    It's not quite on the same level as Bill Belichick taping a team's practice before the Super Bowl state championship, but officials in Louisiana are ready to drop the hammer on undefeated Destrehan High School's football program after their 49-24 win over South LaFourche.

    Via Shreveport Times:

    The scandal revolves around Hudl, a website that can house game film, practice film, schemes and play books for football teams. It appears, through a South LaFourche player, Destrehan’s staff got hold of South LaFourche’s username and password and spent roughly 12 hours on the site.

    In this age of governemnt surveillance, social media and webcams, it doesn't make much sense to risk putting our most coveted secrets on the web. Even if it was password-protected, it's unclear why a coach would upload his playbook to a website. These should have been kept as close to the vest as possible. If any South LaFourche players transfer to Destrehan next season and end up starting, we might have our mole. Until then, Julian Assange approves.