It Might Be Time For The NCAA To Eject The Targeting Rule


It was only a matter of time before the NCAA's new targeting rules drew widespread criticism. UGA DE Ray Drew was ejected following a shove to Vanderbilt quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels. The call was reviewed and upheld by replay officials. 

Looks like he might have made a bit of contact with his helmet as he was manhandling him to the groud. You could possibly make the case for roughing the passer. Either way, what Drew did happens regularly on all levels of football, and isn't the kind of play nor hit intended to be an objectionable offense. 

There were two other flags today from the same rule in the SEC. Florida's Cody Riggs was thrown out on the first play of the game for this hit on Missouri's L'Damian Washington.

South Carolina's Kadetrix Marcus was ejected for this hit against Tennessee. For what the rule is intended to prevent, this is the most obvious and clear offense.

Hopefully the incident with Ray Drew will be a learning moment from the NCAA, as that type of ejection in a big game would be a major point of contention.

Of course, it already might be. Georgia went on to lose at Vanderbilt for the first time since 1991. If this loss this costs them a shot at the SEC title? That'll be a problem, as targeting player hits is typical of the overreaching NCAA MO of creating rules and adding punishments for breaking them, which only hurts the student-athletes.