Is LeSean McCoy The Next Marshall Faulk?


Even before Eagles' coach Chip Kelly introduced the football version of the Fast & the Furious, running back LeSean McCoy was already creating chaos for opponents.  Over his first four years in the NFL, McCoy has put up some impressive numbers.  So impressive it got me to thinking, who by comparison does he have similarities to?

When looking at what McCoy brings to table, it is difficult to think of a more talented running back currently playing in the NFL. Sure Adrian Peterson is considered the standard by which all backs are measured, however in a league where the passing game is king, McCoy may actually be the gold star.  He is one of the few backs in the league that can dominate on all three downs, as he has proven himself to be equally dangerous as both a runner and receiver. In fact, he may be the most dangerous all-purpose threat the game has seen since the days of, dare I say, recent Hall of Fame inductee Marshall Faulk.

McCoy, who is similar to Faulk in body type, build and overall talent, appears to be the second coming of the explosive playmaker as a comparison of each players first four seasons in the league yields eerily similar results. Faulk compiled 4,001 rushing yards, which is slightly more than the 3,866 rushing yards put up by McCoy, their receiving numbers are also similar as Faulk caught 211 passes for 1,896 yards compared to McCoy’s 220 receptions for 1,588 yards.  Touchdown wise, the numbers are even closer, as Faulk had 41 to McCoy's 39 (McCoy played in 58 games versus 61 by Faulk).

Out of all the running backs in the league, McCoy is the most dangerous. No one puts more fear into defenses than “Shady,” who even when bottled up for an entire game, seemingly always finds a way to break off that big run or catch that demoralizes the defense.

While McCoy may not be on Faulk’s level just yet, he certainly has the skills to get there and from this perspective he is already the most dangerous running back in the game today. The $45 million invested by the Eagles a season ago may now turn out to be a relative bargain, especially now that it seems Philly is "literally" on a fast track to to becoming a an offensive juggernaut.