Good Morning: Nobody Said It Would Be Easy, Golden State


The Golden State Warriors were hoping to get their glow back against the San Antonio Spurs, who were resting Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, but Thiago Splitter made sure the veteran Spurs held their advantage over the young guns. 


The OKC Thunder maintained their unbeaten record at home, beating the Bulls 107-95, before Kendrick Perkins kicked Joakim Noah out of the Thunder locker room, who was visiting Thabo Sefolosha.


Kobe Bryant injured his left knee and will miss at least six weeks.


Jabari Parker continued doing his thing for Duke, dropping a double-double on UCLA as the Blue Devils beat the Bruins 80-63.


The Green Bay Packers appear to be leaning towards starting Matt Flynn against the Steelers.


Larry Fitzgerald says he's never missed a division game and doesn't plan to start.


Here were the top five plays from last nights NBA games.




Nicki Minaj is making her movie-acting debut. Whaddya think?


Go behind the scenes with K.E. for the making of "The Devil Is A Lie."


Joey Bada$$ kicked a freestyle with Cosmic Kiev.


Chance The Rapper performed "Chain Smoker" on Arsenio.





Verizon says they will publish the number of information requests by the government in 2013.


New York City placed e-cigarettes under the same restrictions as regular cigs.


Chicago is on track to reduce it's murder rate to the lowest in 50 years.


North Korea threatened to strike South Korea "without warning."


New studies show a wide disparity in breast cancer survival along racial lines, because many black women did not have access to the same kind of screening or treatment.




Rakim released his tribute to Nelson Mandela from the movie Long Walk To Freedom.