Desean Jackson Is Hoarding Drew Rosenhaus’ Money


It's been a few days since Desean Jackson dropped Drew Rosenhaus like he was a pass across the middle with a safety breathing on his neck. While Jackson has confirmed that he's split with Rosenhaus as his agent, he has been coy about any particular talks with Roc Nation Sports or any motivations for his decision.

However, according to Rosenhaus, Jackson still owes him money. If there are two people who don't forgive loans, it's the government and an agent. In 2012, Rosenhaus helped negotiate a five year-$48.5 million dollar extension for Jackson. However, during the lockout and  the ensuing previous season, Rosenhaus loaned nearly $400,000 to Jackson and still hasn't been paid back.

Now that he no longer represents Jackson, Rosenhaus has dropped all pretenses and is coming for his money. According to Yahoo Sports, in what feels like an extended cut ending to Jerry Macguire, Rosenhaus has wasted no time filing a grievance against Jackson to retrieve the $400,000 he loaned Jackson. Drew Rosenhaus tends to get chummy with his clients and puts himself on the line to defend their reputations (especially if they're Philly receivers), but he got played by Jackson.