Chris Brown’s Reign of Terror Coming to an End?


    On Monday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge revoked Brown's probation, ordered him back to rehab, and announced singer Chris Brown must return to court for a hearing on February 10 at which time it will be determined if he'll serve jail time after his three months in rehab.  

    Judge James Brandlin just ordered him into a rehab last month after Brown was booted from another rehab facility, a week prior, for smashing his mother's car window with a brick. Let me repeat that, he smashed his mother's car window, because she suggested he stay in rehab longer.

    The good news is that CNN reports Brown's probation officer says Brown has made "significant progress" since entering the second facility on November 20, which will likely be taken into consideration in February.

    "The clinical and medical team have witnessed very positive change in Mr. Brown since his psychotropic medications have been changed and he has been taken off medical marijuana," the program director said. "His ability to emotionally regulate himself has improved markedly."

    Chris Brown was arrested on October 27, in Washington, D.C., after an altercation where he allegedly punched a man in his face. The violence forced Judge Brandlin to make a decision as to whether Chris will complete his sentence for the savage beating of Rihanna in prison instead of on probation.

    To his credit, Brown initially entered rehab voluntarily following his release from jail for striking a man in Washington.  On January 8, Brown will answer charges resulting from the aforementioned assault case. And while we know Chris is a runaway freight train, we are also fully-aware that our opinions cannot ever be misconstrued as the absolute truth. There are no such things.  But Chris, your actions make it really difficult for people in the media to even want to consider your side of the story let alone give the benefit of the doubt.

    Control yourself, or the judicial will control you.