A Man In North Dakota Is Trying To Start A White-Only Colony; No One Has Joined


    Craig Cobb is a 61-year-old white male currently buying up land in North Dakota so he can create an Ayran society in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, it's not just the people who live near him who think he's completely insane.

    Across a gravel intersection between two abandoned buildings, he envisions a park — perhaps with a swimming pool — dedicated to a neo-Nazi and white supremacist activist. He pictures the town decorated with fluttering flags and banners bearing the swastika — the symbol of Nazism.

    "They would have to be approved by the town council, of course," Cobb said, gazing out over Leith's sparse downtown from his overgrown, weed-infested front yard.

    Cobb, 61, a self-described white supremacist, has purchased about a dozen lots in the community about 60 miles southwest of Bismarck. Over the past year he has invited fellow white supremacists to move there and help him to transform the town of 16 people into a white enclave. No one has come.

    Of course no one went; it's in North Dakota. Besides, what's the point of being a racist if you don't have anyone to hate?

    That's not much of an issue for Cobb, because this dude hates everything.

    Cobb's comments and writings indicate he believes in a superior white race, distrusts both Jews and Christians, and questions the intelligence of women. He declines to talk about his upbringing and gives no indication as to why he adopted his supremacist platform.

    The other 16 folks in the city aren't worried about this fool, though. They've got a backup plan to dismantle the government and turn it over to the county to ensure Cobb will never get enough votes to carry out his insane plan.

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend.